10 Unexpected Ways To Use Facial Oils


We all know the basics to on how to use facial oils like as a moisturizer, but you'll be surprised with many other ways you can use your delicate oils to make sure you are making the most out of your buck!

1. Add under your makeup for a glowing, dewy, natural look

2. Reuse leftovers on hands and hairs

3. Add some drops to your moisturizer or creams for added benefits

4. Revive dry elbows

5. Use Castor oil as eye drops

6. Use Castor oil for your dog's eye infection

7. Use rosewater during an airplane ride to keep your skin hydrated

8. Makeup remover (do not use coconut oil as it will clog pores)

9. Make your own skincare products! There are many DIY recipes that can help you make your own, lip balm, body moisturizer, and even face creams!